Why Printing Your Wedding Photos Is Important


Blog Article

There’s something magical about 40 years later holding a piece of my family’s history in my hands. Of opening the box, unwrapping the protective tissue paper and turning the thick, slightly aged pages of the album whilst seeing familiar, if significantly younger, faces of my parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles stare back at me.

This is a photo of my Mum & Dad with their parents – my grandparents – on their wedding day. Sadly, none of my grandparents are with us anymore. What a great piece of my family history I have in my hands! 

You don’t get that with digital images.

With the speed that technology is developing will today’s digital images still even be accessible in 40 years time? Our own wedding photos from just 8 years ago were delivered to us on a DVD. My new iMac doesn’t have a DVD drive…

A print, an album they are tangible products, real things that can be touched and held, not just a group of pixels that may be unreadable in a few years time.

Kept in its box, wrapped in protective paper, and other than being slightly faded, the quality remains as it did 40 years ago.  And for that I am thankful, it’s means I can share in a part of my parents wedding day.